Smoking Cessation / Habits

There has been decades of research and argument over behaviours like smoking, drinking too much, gambling, shopping and excessive internet surfing; the list goes on and on.

Is it a brain disease? Again much controversy; The modern imaging techniques have given us a the knowledge that the human brain changes, new connections of neurones form and habits develop. Combine this with the neurobiology (brain chemicals) and its understandable how we can get ourselves “hooked”. However I can say from first hand experience that it is possible to break these self -defeating actions, I am now a non smoker.

I trained in a method that will help you also become free of your unhealthy habits if you really want to. I will give you a little bit of education on brain chemistry and why will power may simply not be enough. We will then use the great resource that is your unconscious mind to achieve the desired out come; it continues to work for me.