Anxiety / Stress

Stress is part of the human condition and...

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Psychosomatic Conditions

These are physical disorders that are caused by...

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Smoking Cessation / Habits

There has been decades of research and argument...

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Phobias and fears eg fear of flying

Phobias and fears eg fear of flying I...

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In between sessions I encourage my clients to participate in exercises at home. This can involve listening to a bespoke hypnotherapy recording, practicing self hypnosis or Resonant Frequency Training (RFT.)

RFT uses pitch, interval, rhythm and panning to pace your breathing which enables you to:

  • Improve your physical and emotional health through Heart Rate Variability Training.
  • Align the rhythm of your breath with the rhythm of your blood pressure and your heartbeat.
  • Enhance and balance the function of your autonomic nervous system, activating and harmonising both the sympathetic(focus)and parasympathetic(relaxation)branches which systematically alters physiology and emotions supporting physical health.
  • Increase the capacity to recover from stress/strain by enhancing the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, coordinate and align the function of the left and right brain through a panning effect, this helps process emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger , sadness and frustration with a shift towards a more emotionally neutral state.