Health Questionnaires

The identification of health risk and health potential

ChronoCardioGram – HRV assessment

I offer a 24-hour ECG HRV analysis (Auto-chronic Image ACI) to identify potential health risks, the impact of pressure on the health of an individual and the capacity of the individual to recover from strain.

The ACI gives the following detailed psychophysiological information on


  • Risk of burnout.
  • The impact of different activities on your organism.
  • Biological / chronological age: the biological age is correlated with the risk of developing age related diseases.
  • Sleep, Its quality, the depth of sleep achieved, the ability to fall asleep, arousal during sleep and recuperation during sleep.
  • Heart Rate Variability – a highly correlative indicator of the presence of or future occurrence of chronic disease.
  • Autonomic nervous system balance.


  • The ability of ones organism to adjust to challenging situations.
  • The capacity and ability to recover throughout the day and night.

All of the above parameters can be positively influenced through heart Rate Variability training.

I also use an interactive learning device to measure the changes on the autonomic nervous system experienced during a session of hypnotherapy.